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To champion education in our Ewing Public Schools by providing grants to teachers and awarding scholarships to graduating seniors.  We build community support and aquire supplimentary rescources through private donations and corporate giving to fund these innovative educational programs, experiences and technology that enhance teaching and learning. Click here to read more…

It’s because of your support that I was able to reach such a result at Georgia Tech

Dear EPEF,

This is Nicholas Vellenga, recipient of an EPEF scholarship at Ewing High School, and I just wanted to give an update on how my first semester of college went. Probably my most interesting class was Intro to Engineering Design, in which I learned to make engineering sketches and continued to develop my 3d modelling skills. I got the chance to create designs both individually and in teams, and I was able to help out others who weren’t so familiar with the software. The pandemic made much of my college experience feel cold and remote, but this was the one class I had where we regularly met together in person (with safety precautions), and I had a great time meeting some of my classmates face to face. Despite the difficulties of 2020, I managed an A in each of my classes, leaving me with a 4.0 GPA to start off my college career. And I just wanted to give my thanks once again to EPEF, as it’s because of your support that I was able to reach such a result at Georgia Tech. I hope to continue in this same direction as the next semester begins and to make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given.

Nicholas Vellenga

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Thank you to the EPEF and the Curt Patterson Memorial Fund

Thank you to the EPEF and the Curt Patterson Memorial Fund for helping to provide an amazing opportunity for the 8th grade orchestra at FMS.

The orchestra commissioned and gave the world premiere new piece of music composed by Dr. Steven L. Rosenhaus. Dr. Rosenhaus serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Composition at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions. The title of the piece is “Con el Viento” (“With the Wind”) and was premiered by the 8th grade orchestra at the Winter Concert on January 17, 2019. The title was created by 8th grade student and violist in the orchestra Jayden White. Before the premiere, Dr. Rosenhaus visited the students to rehearse the piece and provide valuable feedback. After the successful premiere, conducted by the composer, Dr. Rosenhaus visited the orchestra again to listen to original student compositions and give them insight into the work of a composer.

The commissioned piece “Con el Viento” was made possible through the Curt Patterson Memorial Fund and the Ewing Public Education Foundation. Heather Raub, who organizes the Curt Patterson Memorial Fund, described the mission of the fund:

“Curt Patterson is the late grandfather of Fisher Middle School’s 8th grade student Sierra Mitchell, and Antheil Elementary School’s 3rd grader AJ Raub. Curt, who grew up in Hopewell, NJ, loved music and theater. He played guitar and bass, and was at one point a disc jockey. Music was always a part of his life and he would have wanted to encourage the love and playing of music for anyone interested. It is through music that we keep his memory alive and that we donate the funds to help support the musical endeavors of the Fisher Middle School and the Ewing school district. It is an honor to contribute to such a unique experience.”

Thank you again to Heather Raub, and the EPEF for providing this unforgettable experience to our students.

Colleen M. Ferry
Orchestra Director
Fisher Middle School

‘I’m am so thrilled that we all made this happen! The kids had such a great experience and exposure to something they might not have had otherwise. It is so important to bring opportunity and possibility to the students.

Can’t wait for the next project Ms. Ferry!’

Heather Raub
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A Record Number of EPEF Scholarships!

For more than 22 years the Ewing Public Education Foundation (EPEF) has championed education by providing grants to teachers and awarding scholarships to graduating seniors.  Last May we awarded $7,500 in scholarships and funded 25 grants totaling $32,000.  Please see our Grants section for a complete list of the grants awarded.

Thank you for a most inspirational, educational evening of laughter, and good cheer!

Good morning, most beautiful EPEF souls!

I wanted to reach out and again thank you for a most inspirational, educational evening of laughter, and good cheer! How nice to be among so many people dedicated to raising up our children. It is interesting how much you realize you need to be around positivity once you are around positivity! It was beautiful seeing you all together enjoying each other and sharing such joy and pride with all that you do! You should be so proud and so full of joy1 You are helping miracles happen in some of these children! I see it with my own eyes!

I am truly humbled to have received this grant, and I do not take this support for granted! YOU make all things possible in the world of these students! YOU show the students that people care! YOU are a reason they believe in the world around them! YOU make ALL the difference! Bless you! Thank you, thank you, all of you!!

Tracy Radler
Lore School
Physical Education Teacher

ETS Recognized For Supporting Local Schools

ETS’s Laurie Russell, right, accepts a certificate of recognition from Ewing Schools Superintendent Michael Nitti and Assistant Superintendent Danita Ishibashi.

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Thanking ETS for its commitment to, and support of, local education, the Ewing Public Education Foundation (EPEF) recently awarded ETS with a certificate of recognition. At the same time, at an annual awards ceremony, ETS continued its 20-year-plus tradition of supporting Ewing, N.J., schools by announcing two new teacher grants, one for literacy and one for math. Click here to read more…