Grant Summary

School Number of Grants Amount of Grants
Antheil Elementary 4 $3,867.34
Lore Elementary 8 $9,741.72
Parkway Elementary 4 $7,123.31
Fisher Middle School 4 $9,448.00
Ewing High School 3 $4,799.00
District Elementary Schools 2 $3,330.00
Total 25 $38,309.37

Special Awards      

Raymond Broach Arts in Education Award

This award honors retired superintendent, Raymond Broach, for his tireless and ongoing commitment to education and love of the arts, and his dedication to the Ewing Public Education Foundation.

Lou Thomas, Ewing High School ($1,000.00)

Italian Language and Cultural Competition 2013

This event is sponsored by the Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America. The event enables Ewing High School Italian Honor students to engage in a friendly competition using their linguistic skills. In addition, it allows all students in the Italian program to experience authentic dialogue, music and reality in the Italian Language. It offers an opportunity to meet similar-minded students throughout the state of New Jersey who share similar linguistic, cultural and artistic interests.

Eleanor Horne Award for Literacy

Eleanor Horne, retired from ETS, spent her career in support of public education for countless communities. She has been an advocate for the Ewing Public Education Foundation and for excellence in our school communities.

Jodie Bauer, Fisher Middle School ($1,500.00)
Books for Middle School Boys

This award will enable the Fisher Media Center to obtain additional books that appeal to boys in Fisher Middle School. Young men tend to be attracted to informational or non-fiction text similar to the Guinness World Record books or fictional books that deal with challenges similar to war or dangers found in Leviathan or the Hunger Games. Books will be specially selected to encourage students to read by appealing to their interests.

Sponsor Awards

Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation

The Credit Union of New Jersey has provided ongoing support to the Ewing Public Education Foundation and the school district for many years. It has generously funded both the overall goals of the Foundation as well as specific educational initiatives.

Barbara Brower, Fisher Middle School ($1,800.00)

SMART Kids Rule in Ewing (formerly SMARTY OWL)

This grant funds a unique reward and incentive program for Fisher Middle School students. The objective is to reassure students that it is “okay” to excel academically. Students are repeatedly encouraged to “work hard now and it will pay off later” by rewarding students for acquiring Honor Roll status.

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company has been a major presence in Ewing Township for many years. The company’s years of support of the Ewing Public Education Foundation has been a major factor in the success of the organization. This year, NJM has supported three grants for programs in each of our elementary schools totaling $3,978.

Ryan McLoone, Antheil Elementary ($1,800.00)

Hands-On Science Night with a Dash of Math

This grant will provide supplies and activities and will restock the science storage closet for the NJ School Board Award winning event hosted by Antheil School. The 13th Annual event was held this past January and had nearly 1,000 attendees. Activities are facilitated by teachers and volunteers from the district’s three elementary schools. This year, previous TCNJ student volunteers and their professors have incorporated the event into their curriculum, providing additional community support for the program.
Tracy Ann Radler, Lore Elementary ($1,579.63) 

Multicultural, Mathematical Monopoly and More Award

Learning takes place more readily and is better retained when students have a practical application of the skills that are tangible and can be practiced on a regular basis. It is also proven that learning is more readily retained when students are moving while learning – a technique known as “Kinesthetic learning.” While playing this version of Monopoly the students will improve their knowledge of physical fitness, math, science, finance, language arts, music, world cultures and languages, anti-bullying, health and safety, and physical activity. All this and a whole lot more in an exciting and fast moving Physical Education class.

Patricia Cox, Elementary Schools ($1,101.88)

Eyes on Math: A Visual Approach to Teaching Math Concepts

Grant proceeds will be used to facilitate a Professional Learning Community to support teachers in stimulating mathematical teaching conversations around key concepts. It is through these conversations that students construct their own mathematical knowledge. This will enable all elementary students to learn mathematics conceptually so they can apply their knowledge in new situations, one of the aims of the Common Care State Standards.

Antheil Elementary School

In addition to the previous announced award for Hands-On Science Night with a Dash of Math, the following grants are awarded to educators at Antheil Elementary School.

Susan Bozarth Smith and Mary Louise Jani, Antheil Elementary School ($640.00)

Hop, Skip & Jump: Developing Sensory Motor Skills to Enhance Motor Planning for Lifelong success with Movement

This grant will provide equipment for the preschool classes. The Physical and Occupational therapists will jointly plan and conduct the groups with the option of the participation of the classroom teachers for carry over strategies. Each group will have a central theme that will focus on gross motor development by developing motor planning and sensory integration.

Lisa Rogers, Antheil Elementary School ($627.34)

Masters of Communication: Incorporating Assistive Technology to Enhance the Development and Maintenance of Articulation and Language Skills

This award will be used to toward the purchase of The Language Master Card Reader. The card reader uses essential elements of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic input to focus on various receptive and expressive language deficits. The device helps children to learn grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and sentence formulation. Studies have shown that it helps motivate children to participate on various language skills and classroom activities more successfully.

Donna Steinmetz, Antheil Elementary School ($800.00)

The Antheil Elementary School Helping Hands Club

The Helping Hands Club is a school-wide service-learning organization, where students learn the meaning of serving the community through a variety of school organized opportunities, …”learning to serve and serving to learn.” Organizations that continue to benefit from this grant include: The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Coat Drive for the Rescue Mission of Trenton, Loading and unloading food for the Mercer Street Food Bank, supplying gently used children’s books to Antheil families without libraries and providing outreach to those affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Lore Elementary School

In addition to the previously announced award for Multicultural, Mathematical Monopoly and More, the following grants are awarded to Lore Elementary School teachers:

Jennifer Hoh, Jenn Thompson, Diana Mocarski, Lore Elementary School ($578.78)

Little Cubs’ Learning C.A.F.E.

This grant will provide 260 lower level books that will be used by K-2 teachers at Lore Elementary School for independent reading, small group instruction, and as mentor texts during teacher-directed whole group mini-lessons. The books selected are relevant to the four components of C.A.F.E. (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary) in addition to their lower level readability and their cross curricular connections. Students will be able to participate in CAFÉ lessons along with their peers. Teacher will become more effective using C.A.F.E., and in turn serve as mentor classrooms for others. The students will host Culminating Readers and Writer LOITERACY CAFÉ to their parents and peers.

Marjori Carroll, Lore Elementary School ($968.23)

Read All About It!

Proceeds from this award will update and supplement the books currently available for grades 3-5. Books have been chosen specifically for these students providing a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction that cover various interests, backgrounds and genres. They are aligned with the district’s Balanced Literacy program and the Core Content Standards. Not only will these books be used by the current students at Lore but by future students as well.

Lori Cavallo, Lydia Goldberg ($205.00)

Pouring On Math: Math Liquid Measuring Kits

Two grade level measurement kits will be created with materials purchased with this grant. These measurement kits will provide hands-on practice so that students have a better understanding of liquid measurement and conversion, and measurement of larger distances to be used in calculating perimeter. Students will collect data and construct graphs while using these kits.

Lori Cavallo, Lydia Goldberg, Lore Elementary School ($408.76)

Traveling Books

Traveling Books is a program that provides grade level book baskets to be rotated among the 3rd grade students at Lore. Having a wide variety of books will enhance the students’ independent reading skills. Thought this grant 65 new books will be added to the Traveling Books library.

Cynthia Campbell, Megan Kalamas, Kim Mack, Michelle Terinoni, and Mary Talerico ($5,043.00)

Growing Smarter: Smart Board Technology To Enhance Kindergarten Learning

Technology continues to be ever-present in our lives; a necessity of life. It provides us with an abundance of information and enriches our daily lives. Core Content Standards require the use of technology in everyday lessons. The earlier the exposure, the more comfortable, confident, and independent students will become using technology in their everyday lives, in and outside of school.

Recently many classrooms throughout the state have incorporated the use of SMART board technology into everyday classroom lessons. They enhance student learning as well as increase student exposure and level of ease with technology. Kindergarten students at Lore will now have a virtual world of endless resources in all subject areas to improve and enhance learning for all.

Diana Mocarski, Lore Elementary School ($778.57)

Bridging the Gap in Children’s Literature

150 new books will be purchased for Lore Elementary School to fill the gap of multicultural literature. The books will include protagonists from Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern/Indian cultures. The books will be shared in the guided reading book closets as well as classroom libraries. Little Cubs Book Club will also use these books. A free after school workshop entitled Bridging the Gap in Children’s Literature will be offered to Grade 1-4 at teaching staff at Lore.

Mary Talerico, Cynthia Campbell, Megan Kalamas, Kim Mack, and Michelle Terinoni ($179.75)

Instructional Tools For Interactive Handwriting Instruction In Kindergarten

The Handwriting Without Tears program is used to teach handwriting in our elementary schools. Kindergarten students start learning capital letters as a combination of big lines, little lines, big curves, and little curves. “Show Me Magnetic Capital Letters” will enhance handwriting instruction by reaching students’ diverse learning styles. Visual and kinesthetic learners will be provided with opportunities to see and feel the components of each capital letter to better understand how to form them for correct handwriting. Teachers will also be able to visually demonstrate the formation of a capital letter using this product.

Parkway Elementary School

Kara Sailman, Parkway Elementary School ($349.46)

Mentor Books to Assist with Lucy Calkins Units of Study

This grant will purchase specific book titles within the second grade level mentor book library to promote the tenets of Lucy Calkins Units of Study. The books will be used to show clear, written examples of a variety of objectives that are taught using Lucy Calkins, such as good leads, idea development and creating vivid imagery.

Peter Silipino, Laura Hall-Carney, Parkway Elementary School ($1,081.85)

Parkway Music Department 2.0: Using Computer Technology to Aid in Student Instruction

This award will help the music department gain the ability to use a mobile LCD projector and document camera to efficiently project and modify music in order to help students in their understanding of key musical literacy concepts. The document camera and LCD projector will be used with existing classroom computers and software to enlarge music theory exercises, music appreciation as well as choral, orchestral and band sheet music. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will benefit from this resource.

Ann Marie Jamison, Parkway Elementary School ($649.00)

Document Camera

Proceeds from this grant will provide a document camera for use by second grade students. The document camera will afford students the opportunity to explore various objects and structures in the classroom through its 3D feature. Student work will be able to be projected without copying onto a transparency, allowing teachers and students a chance to share work as it is completed and encouraging on the spot learning.

Mrs. Leigh Cline, Parkway Elementary School ($5,043.00)

Super SMART Second Graders and Service

This grant will facilitate the purchase of a SMART Board Interactive Teaching Center to be utilized by second graders as well as the after-school club, Junior Paws Spirit and Service Club. The SMART Board will be on a portable cart, with a netbook computer, projector and cart space to hold materials. This interactive tool will promote learning, student engagement and increased interactions between students and teacher. The SMART Board can be used in all subject areas, including language arts, math, science and social studies.

Fisher Middle School

In addition to the previously announced awards, Books for Middle School Boys, and SMART Kids Rule, the following grants are awarded:

Elizabeth Kaczorowski, Fisher Middle School ($1,190.00)

The Pledge

This program will challenge students to make a commitment to building others up rather than tearing down. It’s a pledge to be part of the solution – a call to step up and make a difference. The objective is to complement Fisher Middle School’s Positive Behavior Support Program. It will energize the students to foster mutual respect, reduce tensions between ethnic groups and promote creative problem-solving.

Mary DiSimone, Fisher Middle School ($2,983.00)

Capturing Curriculum with Video

The purchase of digital camcorders will give the students of Fisher Middle School access to a different multi-media tool in order to explore and present curriculum materials. Using video for project presentation allows the students to express ideas in an updated fashion. Students will have access to more creative outlets when completing projects, giving them the chance to be exposed to proper video recording techniques.

Ewing High School

In addition to the previously announced award, Italian Language and Cultural Competition 2013, the following grants are awarded:

Bud Kowal, David Sheffel, Mike Reynolds, Matt Dalessio, Ewing High School ($2,799.00)

Ewing High School E3: EHS Fitness Center Renovation

Renovation of the Ewing High School Fitness Center will provide a training system that that allows people to train using their own body weight. The enhancement takes up little space and is easy to set up and use. Objectives are to improve the overall physical fitness of all physical education students as well as on the field performance of athletes.

Ellen Davila, Ewing High School ($1,000.00)

Taking It To the Street: Urban Literature for the Young Adult Reader

The grant helps the Ewing High School Media Center reinvigorate the library collection while simultaneously building student stakeholders. It provides students and teachers with a fiction collection of high interest books geared to both high and low-level readers. The program will encourage collaboration among students and teachers as they discuss both the books that they read and their reading process. It will foster greater literacy of high school males, and engage students through the creation of enticing displays and programs.

District-wide Award (Elementary Schools)

In addition to the previously announced award, Eyes on Math: A Visual Approach to Teaching Math Concepts, the following award will benefit all Ewing Elementary Schools.

Patricia Cox, Elementary Schools ($2,731.00)

Foundational Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Developing Whole Number Relationships

This grant money will be utilized to facilitate a focused approach to quantitative problem solving as well as composition and decomposition of numbers. This will help students to develop increasingly sophisticated strategies for counting and cardinality, composition and decomposition and using properties to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. This conceptual understanding is the foundation for all future operational mathematics.