Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for 2023 -2025

Approved by the Board of Trustees April 3, 2023

The Ewing Public Education Foundation: Investing in our greatest asset—our children!

The Ewing Public Education Foundation has created a strategic plan to enable it to increase the support it provides to every school in the district.  Since its founding in 1994, EPEF has provided more than 250 grants worth over $350,000.  Every school in the district has benefitted from support from the Foundation.  Through EPEF grants, teachers and counselors have developed innovative programs to enhance teaching and learning, purchased materials and technology not included in the district’s budget, and created challenging and creative experiences for students—all with the goal of improving student achievement.  The EPEF scholarships reward the accomplishments of outstanding graduating seniors.

How EPEF Works

EPEF is supported through the generosity of Ewing residents and businesses. The Foundation has built enduring relationships with major corporate partners such as Educational Testing Service, the Credit Union of New Jersey, New Jersey Manufacturers, American Properties, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Hopewell Valley Bank.

The funds raised for grants and scholarships are distributed through a competitive process that begins with an annual open call for proposals.  Grant and scholarship recipients are selected by the board of trustees in consultation with district administrators using published criteria.

The Foundation is independent of the Ewing School District and Board of Education. However, it works closely with both in support of district goals and priorities. EPEF has the support of the district’s superintendent, other administrators, the board of education, and school personnel. The resources provided by the Foundation do not replace funding from the district; they are supplemental.

Our Goals for 2023 – 2025

The Strategic Plan guides the decisions and actions of EPEF. The five goals will enable the Foundation to be even more effective in enhancing innovative educational programs.

Goal 1:  Benefit Ewing students by significantly increasing the funds raised from individuals and corporations to support innovative programs that cannot be supported through the district’s budget and tax dollars.

Goal 2.  Increase visibility in the local community and create or expand the identity of EPEF as a highly valued community resource.

Goal 3:  Maintain current strategic partnerships and add two new partnerships each year of the plan.

Goal 4:  Expand the Board of Trustees to complement and supplement the skills of the existing members and more fully engage them in the advancement of EPEF.

Goal 5:  Improve the financial position of EPEF by increasing the reserves and improving financial systems.