Grant Winners 2015-2016 Feedback

“So many valuable skills are being taught through music. We would like to thank the Ewing Public Education Foundation for their generous grant provided for the Lore Music for the Very Young program here at Lore Elementary School. Having each child get their own CD and music book has benefited these children in so many ways. The music program highlights so many of the Preschool Standards for the state of New Jersey. We currently have 26 students benefiting from this program.

  • Children are reading words using the symbol/word connections in the music books.
  • Children are learning how to listen for and create their own patterns.
  • Children are recognizing and labeling numbers that are printed on the song cards and in the music book.
  • Children are following print from left to right using the song books.
  • Children are increasing their vocabulary as they learn new words.
  • Families are becoming more involved in the curriculum, as they listen to the CDs that the children have taken home

I would like to share a few of the comments that I have heard the children say during and after our program.

  • “Mrs. Campbell, Ram Sam Sam makes a pattern.  Knees, clap, clap.  Knees, clap, clap.
  • “There’s the word King.  See it has the crown by it.”
  • “It’s number sixteen in the book, but it’s number 5 on the card.”
  • “What’s a crawdad?”
  • “Mrs. Campbell, there are seven cards, so we’re going to do seven songs.”
  • “I sing this song in the car with my mom.  It’s her favorite (Walking Song).”

Again, thank you so much for all that you do for the Ewing Township Public Schools, and especially for the grant that has allowed our children to be enriched by music!”

– Melissa Campbell, Lore Elementary School Pre-K Teacher

“I am so grateful for the EPEF grant that funded the presentation cart at the Antheil Elementary School library. Prior to the presentation cart, it was nearly impossible for me to share anything in a visual way with an entire class of students. I would often resort to drawing examples on a white board, not my best talent. Since I received the presentation cart, I’m able to share photographs, book pages and excerpts, and website navigation with an entire class at once. The ability to share a website or online resource for all to see while they navigate the same source individually at computers is so much more effective than me trying to explain what they should do. It’s so much easier for the students to understand with a visual cue rather than verbal. Learning in the library is much more engaging and interactive than it was before the introduction of the cart and I believe student retention has increased as well. I also believe that my ability to share information in multiple formats will help prepare students for PARCC testing as well. I know I have been positively impacted by this grant, but I firmly believe the investment in this cart by the EPEF is making a direct contribution to the learning of every student at Antheil. Thank you again for choosing to fund my grant application.”

– Linda Ackerson, Antheil School Media Specialist

“First I would like to extend my gratitude to EPEF for providing us with the grant to continue Antheil’s Hands on Science with a Dash of Math night. It is a great event that students love to attend. This year, science night will be held on Thursday January 21st, so our preparations are in full swing. This year, we have three activities from outside of our school community that are being funded by the EPEF grant. Returning from last year include Mad Science of NJ, who will be conducting booths about magnets and electricity, and The Franklin Institute, who will be performing an interactive show on Flight. New this year is from Mobile Ed. Productions, who will entertain all space lovers by setting up a sky dome planetarium in our gymnasium.    The grant is also allowing us to provide consumable materials to be used in each hands-on activity presented by our faculty. Some of these activities include making ice cream in a bag, a soda geyser, making oobleck, lava lamps, bubbles, and exploring the human body. The science closet that is our main source for these materials is restocked as well. After we hold the event, I will be glad to send some pictures of our science-loving students enjoying the night!”

– Nicole Tassello, Antheil Elementary 5th Grade Teacher


“I am so grateful to have received the grant from EPEF. This year my grade level was changed and the room I moved to had a smart board and document camera all set up. The document camera I received from the grant was going to stay in my original 3rd grade classroom with Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor is so excited about the technology is he gaining from the grant.

We have received the projector, which Mr. Taylor informed me he uses often in the classroom, which he hooks up to his laptop to show different presentations to the students.

As always, I truly appreciate the support of EPEF and look forward to writing another grant in the future.”

– Erin Groeger, Parkway Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher


“First of all I want to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity that the grant money provides for our children!   I have started implementing my grant and it has been a wonderful success!  I am truly grateful!

I have started putting my grant into place with my classes by doing activities that are centered around algebra problems, hence the grant name“Solving for x” . 

In one of the activities, the students have been using physical skills such and rolling/bowling balls as they aim for bowling pins with numbers written on the underside of them.  The bowling pins are initially placed on rubber circular polyspots on the ground that also have numbers on them.  As the students roll the balls and uncover the numbers they set the stage for building and solving their equations!   The student use the numbers written on the pins, and the numbers on the polysopts that the pins are placed on, and the roll the dice to generate more numbers to use. These numbers are used in mathematical equations, as we all work together to find the mystery number and solve for x!   The grant is being used kindergarten through 5th grade.   In order to ensure a circle of success I have created 8 mathematical equation algebra charts to use as guides, and as a reference.  The students can refer to these guides at any time through the lesson to create their equation and solve for x.  They are so enjoying the game and the feeling they get when they solve for x!  Thank you so much!  This is only ONE of the many activities planned around solving for x! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much appreciation and gratitude for you all!”

– Tracy Radler, Lore School Physical Education Teacher


“My grant was for a traverse rock climbing wall.  It has been great and the kids are loving it.  I was able to purchase an extra panel to keep building the rock wall.  The rock wall has been used by all grade levels K-5th.  I have used it in my classes, I used it with the 5th graders during Camp Parkway and we have even be able to utilize it during our after school program.  This rock wall to me as multiple benefits; like I said it is a traverse wall so multiple kids can be on it at once which cuts down on wait time.  The rocks can be changed out and moved around very easily to make the course harder or easier.  In one picture and video you will see that I am able to add foam noodles to the wall which gives the kids an extra challenge making them decide whether to go below or above the noodles.  The particular wall came with safety mats that are attached to the wall and can be lowered when using the wall and locked in place to cover the wall when not in use.  Finally, the rock wall is definitely a benefit for increasing the children’s upper body and lower body strength.  When we used the arm hang as a fitness test so many children struggled.  With the rock wall they are getting the same benefit with more success and are having a lot more fun.  Thank you and the EPEF for accepting my grant!”

– Craig Johnson, Parkway Elementary School Physical Education Teacher


“In October, three classes of children in the full day preschool programs at Antheil School began the exciting new Art In My World program.  Once each month, Ms. Andrea Thompson from the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA will come in to do an art class.  She will work along with the teachers and the Occupational Therapist to provide an art activity that follows the topics learned during that month. Fire safety was the topic for October. The painting entitled, “The Burning of the Center Bridge” was used to help the children learn to draw circles and horizontal/vertical lines.  A copy of the painting was shown to the children and they used oil pastels to draw red, yellow, and orange circles representing fire.  Black, blue, and purple pastels were used to draw vertical lines to represent the people.  Horizontal white lines were used to represent the water coming out of the fire hose. This wonderful program was made possible by a grant from the EPEF.  Mrs. Bozarth-Smith, Occupational Therapist, wrote the grant and the James A. Michener Museum is matching the funds awarded by the EPEF so that this once monthly Art In My World program can enrich the preschool students’ education here at Antheil School. All of the children’s art work will be displayed at an art show in May at Antheil School.  Families, administrators, and EPEF members will be invited to see of the display.”

– Susan Bozarth-Smith, Antheil School


“My Graphic Novel Grant has not been revealed to the students but will be soon, I am waiting on the rest of my book order to arrive which should be this week.  The kids are excited as I have the graphic novel section covered with paper with under construction signs, picture 6194.  I have a few kids that have stopped in daily to see if the section is open yet.  Our graphic novel section is very popular and with the grant I was able to expand it.  I ordered books for all reading levels to meet the needs of our students and many different genre’s including books that support the curriculum.  As soon as the rest of my books arrive and are put on the shelf, I will take a picture and reveal the new books to the students. The document camera is used by staff members almost every day.  The document camera allows forinstant display of work which can result in immediate feedback and instruction. It projects objects and documents such as papers, textbooks, and notebooks on a screen for the class to see. Both grants will help students and teachers meet the goals of the Common Core.”

– Jodie Bauer, Fisher Middle School Media Specialist



“I again wanted to extend my appreciation to EPEF.  I have written and was awarded both my grants the past 2 years. The first was for a projector which has been wonderful.  I introduce each new lesson with a PowerPoint presentation containing content knowledge as well as art examples both historical masterworks as well as more current works of art and show how the techniques are applied.  This year I added a Prezi presentation in the beginning of the course introducing students to art, illustrating how art has been effected by historical events and how it changes as we as the human race change.  I also used if for a project where students as a group researched a different country’s art, architecture, major artists and art movements.  They then presented a PowerPoint to the class utilizing the projector for peer to peer learning.  That is a project that had its moments but was a disaster and needs some fine tuning 🙂 I have downloaded many tutorials on art techniques like perspective so students can see the actual process from start to finish in time lapsed videos, for a more complete student understanding of the technical application.  Some times when students are still unclear about projects we fire up the projector and look at examples of works of art and discuss them. I have recently found a source with 10 to 15 minute videos ranging from prehistoric art to present day modern art, I have begun downloading them and once organized at home will begin to introduce them into my lesson plans and watching them with students introducing more art history to my courses. The second grant was for a trophy case to display student work.  This has been wonderful because of the shelves.  When I was hired I created a ceramics course and now I can display 3D-Dimensional ceramic work in the trophy case as well as 2 dimensional work on the back wall.  Students love having their work being displayed and I constantly have students asking if I will be displaying their work which makes them a little more eager to try harder. I hope this has informed you of how your grants are helping me as an educator to teach my content, inspire our future artists of tomorrow and to encourage students to work harder and try their best. Thank you.”

– Sam DeCavalcante, Fisher Middle School Art Teacher and Art Club Director


“4th grade students have numerous misconceptions about robots, many of which are picked up from science fiction stories on television, in the movies, or from books.  At the beginning of the 4 ACE robotics unit, students learn that robots are not sentient creatures.  This means that they cannot think or anticipate as humans do.  Instead, they must be specifically programmed to carry out a certain function.  Their physical design must be adapted to optimize their ability to complete this desired task(s).  As a rule: Form follows function.  Students will use their Lego Mindstorm robots to learn these lessons, as well as the specific parts of a robot (e.g. actuators, sensors, control unit, appendages, end effectors, drive, and chassis).  Students will also understand that robots can be “remote control” or “autonomous”, and will practice writing programs to have their robotic creations operate successfully within well-defined parameters to include precisely navigating a predetermined route, moving objects from one place to another, and racing on a circular track.”

– Steve Lynn, Antheil School ACE/AIM


“I can honestly say that your grant has helped motivate students to read for fun! Raz-kids is an amazing program that allows me to assign just right books for all of the students in my class. They can log on and listen to books, record themselves reading, and take quizzes to check their comprehension. This grant has helped to excite my class to read, so much so, that they ask to do Raz-kids during snack time. Thanks for providing this program for my class this year!”

– Alison Price, Lore Elementary School 1st Grade Teacher

Other Feedback

Dear Wayne:
We have to tell you what an exciting day we had in school. Through one of the EPEF grants, we were able to get a tarantula and a scorpion. These wereused for Antheil’s Science Night in January. We are hoping they live a longtime and our class treats them as class pets. (We also have the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches from last year’s Science Night). Today, when we came into our room, we discovered our tarantula, Hairy Potter, had shed his exoskeleton. The class was so excited to actually see Hairy, and his smaller, outgrown shell, side by side. We shared our excitement, our tarantula, and all we are learning about tarantulas, with other classes in the school. Hairy was visited today by Mrs. Hamblin’s first grade class, Mrs. Zattoni’s first grade class, Mrs. Secrest’s first grade class, Miss Tirrell’s 4th rade class, and Mrs. Bomba’s 4th grade class. We thought you would enjoy knowing that your grant money is being used on a daily basis in our room, and today was used by another 90 students. We even got Ms. Zuckerman to come down and see the spider and his skeleton. We truly appreciate the money you give to our school to enable to children to learn in new ways. Many, many thanks for all your hard work.We would like to invite all theEPEF board members to come visit room 40 and see how we are using your money to enhance our learning environment.

Peg Sciarrotta
Jennifer Clark

Antheil First Grade Inclusion


Dear Roomana,

The Garden State Discovery Museum’s Theater Outreach Program will be presenting an interactive adaptation of “Snow White and the Seven Swarfs” in Antheil’s auditorium on March 18th at 1:30 p.m. Due to the generosity of the Ewing Public Education Foundation, Melissa Campbell and I received a 2013-2014 grant, which will enable all of the District’s preschool students to attend the play. According to the program director, this adaptation’s Snow White is a preschool teacher helping students learn the colors of the rainbow and some of our preschool students will be brought up on stage to actively participate in the show. After the brief show, the actors have the children participate in in theater games, such as looking at different objects and determining how they could be used as a prop in the story. We understand your extremely busy schedules, but we wanted to extend an invitation to the event. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this invitation with other EPEF board members, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at extension 4470 or via email.

Thank you so much for your time, support and your generosity you have shared with our staff and students.

Lisa Rogers MS, CCC-SLP
Antheil Elementary School
Speech-Language Specialist

Dear Ewing education foundation trustees,

Thank you all for such a lovely time at the foundation reception at Eickhoff Hall. It is now a wonderful memory that I will have for a long time. I loved hearing Wayne, Ray and other speak from their hearts. The entire tone of the evening is inspiring and invigorating! Thank you for the grant. I am extremely excited to put Mathematics, Music and Movement into action next year! Your support means the world to me.

A teacher asked me today where all of my energy comes from, and why I am so happy everyday. I told her that it is easy to feel this way. I said, “not only do I work with a great staff and amazing children, I have the extra bonus of The Ewing Education Foundation!” “I get to be creative, think outside the box, develop ideas that I think will really inspire and then be able to put them into practice!” “I have the best job in the world!”

Please know that the rippling effect of the your support and inspiration is a part of why we as teachers can be effective and feel creatively supported! You make a big difference! Thank you for helping us make teaching extraordinary!!!
Have a wonderful evening!

Tracy Radler,
Physical Education Teacher
Lore Elementary School

We were so lucky to start our courtyard gardens with a grant from the Ewing Educational Foundation. With that money, the kindergarteners and their fifth grade buddies planted a strawberry patch and tulip bulbs. We were also able to purchase some gloves, shovels, and other necessary tools for gardening. Over time we have added a fish pond, bird feeding area,
composting area, and several garden beds featuring assorted perennials. The students have formed a Garden Club to maintain the lovely area and were proud to earn NWF’s approval as a “Backyard Habitat” for wildlie.

Throughout the year the courtyard garden area is available as an out- door education space for all the teachers and students of Antheil. It is used for hands-on experiences in science and math. It is used as inspiration for our creative writers. Often, it is used as a stage for presentations of plays and poetry. Sometimes, it is used for class celebrations and school events. Whichever way it is being used, it is an area we are proud to have at our school and we thank Ewing Educational Foundation for giving us that first grant to make it all possible!

Christine Perkins
Second Grade Teacher
Antheil Elementary School