Grant Summary

Number of Grants
Amount of Grants
Antheil Elementary
Lore Elementary
Parkway Elementary
O’Brien Academy
Fisher Middle School
Ewing High School

Of the above grants, specific grants were funded by dedicated contributions from several corporate partners:

New Jersey Manufacturers
Credit Union of New Jersey
Total Sponsored Grants

The Board Members of the Foundation would like to thank all corporate, business, event, and individual sponsors, whose contributions have made possible these awards.  The Foundation also thanks the Ewing Board of Education and the Public School District administration for its ongoing support and encouragement.  Lastly, we wish to thank and acknowledge the teachers and administrators in the Ewing Public School District, whose dedication, devotion and creativity in educating the young men and women and in developing these innovative programs will inspire our students to “reach for the stars,” as they become educated leaders and citizens.

It is through the collaborative efforts of all that the Foundation is privileged to contribute to the betterment of our community.  Together, we are making a difference – for nearly twenty years.

Grant Descriptions

Raymond Broach Arts in Education Award

Laura Weber, O’Brien Academy:  SCHOOL PRIDE/MASCOT MURAL ($360.96)

Let’s talk mascots.  Mascots give an organization a brand and a sense of community.  Look at the Ewing public schools; Lore has the Lion, Antheil has a Bear, Parkway has its Panther, Fisher has an Eagle and Ewing High has the Blue Devil.  But our newest school O’Brien Academy has no mascot-YET.

Students attending the O’Brien Academy will soon be able to create their own Mascot/Mural.  Ms. Lauren Weber will collect ideas from the faculty and the students in order to decide on a mascot or symbol that best represents the school.  Each class takes part in the painting of the mural.  Art composition will include design, color mixing, color theory and painting techniques.

This grant has the distinguished honor of carrying the Ray Broach Award based on his love of children and his love of art.

Eleanor Horne Award

Eleanor Horne, retired from ETS, spent her career in support of public education for countless communities.  She has been an advocate for the Ewing Public Education Foundation and for excellence in our school communities.

Steve Lynn 4th Grade ACE (Academic Class Enrichment) Robotics Curriculum ($1,260) 

We all know how very successful our Ewing Robotics Team has been and in part this year due to Mr. Steven Lynn who served as the co-leader of the EHS team 2016.  Robotics is also a part of the 4th Grade ACE program.  With this grant of $1260 materials will be provided for the three elementary schools that will enable the teachers to tailor the 4th grade ACE curriculum around the instruction of robotic design and programming instead of teaching robotics in the abstract.

Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation


The Credit Union of NJ is proud to award a $3,775 grant for Smart Kids Rule in Ewing which is a reward/incentive program designed to highlight and recognize FMS students and families for their academic, social and behavioral accomplishments.  Students who have earned honor roll status will be formally recognized and issued a gift during school wide assemblies that feature guest speakers and special presentations that congratulate and encourage students to continue their excellent work.

New Jersey Manufacturers Insruance


David Angebranndt and Nicole Tassello – Antheil School’s Hands-on Science with a Dash of Math Night ($1,800)

This grant will be used to restock Antheil’s science storage closet with supplies and activities for the 2016 Hands-on Science with a Dash of Math Night.  This year, the fifteenth annual science night drew 900 attendees.  The program included teachers from other Ewing schools and volunteers from the College of New Jersey, Rider and Princeton Universities.

Tracy Radler – Lore Elementary School —  Growing Strong and Solving for X ($1,635.00)

“Kinesthetic learning” is learning real life practical application of a skill. This grant provides the students at Lore PreK through 5th grades with opportunities to gather information during physical education classes as they experience Psychomotor skills such as, scooting, curl ups, planking among other skills throughout the year.  Cognitive learning will provide practice in NJ Core Standards such as science, personal safety, music, math, science.  Affective learning will help students work together, use more empathy, and be an UPSTANDER with peers and supporting NON bullying.

Leigh Cline and Birgitta Wolfe Parkway Elementary School ($350.43) Week of Service/Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) (all Students)

This grant will provide the materials needed to perform a school-wide day of service, which will benefit the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). All Parkway students will have to opportunity to create take-home lunch bags and toiletry bags for TASK as well as plastic ware sets to be used by TASK during their mealtimes. Each grade will have an age appropriate assignment so that everyone in the school will have to opportunity to participate. Kindergartens and first graders will decorate brown paper bags and pre-made cards to let the recipients know that the bags were created with love by Parkway students, second and third graders will create plastic ware sets and fourth and fifth graders will work together to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  The staff will be aided by the Parkway School PTA and will hold a kickoff assembly to excite and educate the Parkway students about their involvement in helping others.

Dina Toledo Obrien Academy Library ($900)

Reading is fundamental to learning. Though “fun” as in fundamental, reading is not always fun when it’s a struggle. The goal of this grant is to provide a variety of literature to enhance the reading skills of the students at the O’Brien Academy. The first set of books will align with the Scholastic Read 180 Curriculum that’s currently in place. The ready access of the books will allow the students more opportunity to read on their own and to explore their own connections to what they are reading.

Antheil Elementary School

(8 grants totaling $10,466)

In addition to the previously announced “Hands-On Science with a dash of Math Night” sponsored by New Jersey Manufacturers and the 4th Grade Academic Class Enrichment Robotics Curriculum “Eleanor Horne Award,” the following grants are awarded to teachers at Antheil Elementary School:

John Trader – Stand Up for Music ($616.00)

Part of the reason Ewing’s instrumental music program is as good as it is, is because each student who wants to play an instrument is loaned that instrument.  With this grant, the children will be provided with inexpensive, portable music stands to use when practicing their instruments at home.  This will make practicing more comfortable thus creating a more enjoyable experience for the boys and girls, enabling them to develop greater proficiency and ability with each of their musical instruments.

Linda Ackerson (A-3) – Presentation Cart of Enhance Library Instruction ($1,720.00)

The elementary school librarians need to cover a myriad of topics while teaching their students to efficiently use a library.  The use of this document camera will enable this librarian to more easily display visuals that will enhance her lessons and give students a better understanding of the material being shared.  In addition, she can use the document camera to display read-aloud pages while reading to her students, which will better engage them in the material.

Christine Perkins (A-5) – Antheil’s Secret Garden ($1,070.00)

Anyone who has seen Antheil’s interior courtyard will agree that it is an enchanting.  It was a thrill to see this outdoor educational space take shape over the years as the teachers and parents created it.  And they continue to maintain it with funds raised by the Garden Club.  This grant will provide for updating the courtyard.  In doing so, teachers will develop activities that will enhance program while meeting the core curriculum standards.  Materials will be purchased to better provide the opportunity for engaging, real world application of skills the children learn in the classrooms.

Lisa Rogers (A-6) – Let’s Get the Show on the Road – Reaching Young Minds Through Theater Outreach

There are three pre-school inclusion classes and additional pre-school disabled classes among the three elementary schools.  These classes include children with a variety of abilities and disabilities.  Some of these children find large audiences to be overwhelming and/or over-stimulating.  By bringing a theater outreach program to the district, these boys and girls will be provided with the opportunity to observe, listen and respond, develop interactive language skills and to learn appropriate audience skills, while observing live theater in a comfortable, manageable atmosphere

Susan Bozarth-Smith (A-7) – The Art in My World

Vocabulary, eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills are all developed as students work on projects.  In this case, Antheil’s pre-school disabled children will work on these essential skills while creating two and three-dimensional art projects.  Teachers from the Michner Museum will visit the children monthly to provide sensory experiences that will include handling museum materials, and observing visual materials that facilitate art appreciation.

Anita Davidson (A-9) – Technology in the Music Classroom

This next grant will provide technology for the vocal music classroom.  With the use of listening map software, and the ability to play MP3 files, the children’s learning experiences will be enhanced.  Active listening skills are part of the core standards on all levels and this is one more way children can be helped to develop this necessary tool.

Lore Elementary School

(4 grants totaling $8,484.70)

In addition to the previously announced award “Growing Strong and Solving for X” sponsored by New Jersey Manufacturers, the following grants are awarded to teachers at Lore Elementary School.

Melissa Campbell and Maria Petsos
Music for the Very Young (MVY):  Music, Movement and Literacy ($6,250.00)

A formal year-long music program for the preschoolers at the Lore School will be coordinated by the Trenton Community Music School.  The program will consist of 2 15 week semesters of MVY, during which planning, introduction to new songs each semester and continued mentoring from Trenton Community Music School occurs.  Children will learn to listen to pitch, temp and move to the different rhythms of the music from a variety of cultures.  Along with Professional Development and workshops, there will also be a Family Music Event in each class each semester.  In the spring, children will be introduced to a variety of instruments that are provided by the school.  Each child will receive their own CD, songbook, posters and song cards for each collection.

Kim Mack, Raz-Kids Reading A-Z Reading Program Funded by NJM ($499.75)

The Raz-Kids Reading Program for kindergarteners is a computer based program where the students can access books from a computer.  The students may look and listen to fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of genres such as poetry, nursery rhymes and Spanish books.  Teachers will give their students their own reading profile where the students are tracked by what the child is reading and their reading frequency and the student’s family will be able to monitor their child’s progress.  There is an incentive program where students will earn points for completing reading assignments which include a quiz.

Allison Price – Raz-Kids Reading A-Z Reading Program ($99.95)

As mentioned previously, Raz–Kids is an on-line supplemental reading program.  This grant is for Lore first grade students, who will use this program on a nightly basis to enrich their classroom reading experiences.  Children will log onto the program at home, access books outlined by their teacher, read and answer questions.  Additionally, children will be able to self-select reading materials.   Their progress with this material will be monitored by their teacher.

Parkway Elementary School

(8 grants totaling $4,489.61)

In addition to the Week of Service/Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Grant sponsored by New Jersey Manufacturers, the following grants are awarded to teachers at Parkway Elementary School:

Jason Rawlins, Parkway Elementary School ($150.00) Mini-Trampolines (All 1st grades)

Movement breaks help students prepare and focus during instruction. Adding a trampoline to the classroom allows students who need extra movement activities to have a quick burst of gross motor movement, which ideally increase attentiveness and positive attitude in the classroom. Movement and learning are the keys to success.

Nicole Mulry, Parkway Elementary School ($452.00) Study Island (3, 4, 5 G&T Aim and Ace)

This grant will provide a class license for Mathematics Study Island grades 3 – 12. This is a web-based curriculum that can be used in school and at home. The program will be customized to meet the various levels of knowledge in specific math topics along with assessments for the G&T students of Parkway.

Elandra Johnson, Parkway Elementary School ($1,236.00) Hokki Stools (5th grade Special Education)

Hokki Stools will increase focus, attention and productivity enabling students to achieve academically. This alternative seating allows for free movement to help facilitate being actively engaged in the lesson. The students will use these stools in the self-contained setting as well as inclusive setting of Social Studies and Science.

Craig Johnson, Parkway Elementary School ($1,000.33) Traverse Rock Climbing Wall (K-5th Physical Education)

This grant will aide in the improvement of students’ physical, interpersonal, and cognitive skills. Students will advance across the wall horizontally using hand/foot hold of different shapes and sizes. All student and skill levels will be challenged while climbing. Cooperation and team building skills will be learned while improving upper body strength, and overall endurance.

Erin Groeger, Parkway Elementary School ($1,720.00) Projector and Document Camera (#3rd Grade)

This grant will provide a document camera and projector to enhance student learning and involvement through technology. These devices will allow students work to be displayed and analyzed. Students will have the opportunity to discuss their thinking and strategies as a class.

Leigh Cline, Parkway Elementary School ($334.52), HearBuilder (2nd grade)

HearBuilder is an online literacy program that will assist students to boost their knowledge and skills in following directions, phonological awareness, auditory memory, and sequencing. This grant will allow students to practice individualized foundational literacy skills using a computer and headphones. HearBuilder will track student growth and provide data reports to the teacher. This program is especially beneficial to students who are in need of interventions or additional support in literacy, as well as English Language learners.

Ms. Attri, Parkway Elementary School  ($705.00) Portable Display/Exhibit System  (K-5)

Fisher Middle School

(4 grants totaling $11,564.40)

In addition to the previously announced award, “Smart Kids Rule in Ewing,” funded by the Credit Union of New Jersey, the following grants are awarded to Fisher Middle School:

Jodie Bauer – Reading Graphic Novels: Books to Help Foster a Love of Reading ($2,000.00)

Graphic Novels can be used in the classroom to differentiate instruction and motivated students to read and explore through a visually engaging and action-oriented format. Titles will be selected using resources such as School Library Journal, International Reading Association and the American Library Association.  Titles will be selected that will spark the interest of reluctant readers, support special education, English Language Learners and add depth to important curricular topics.

Anne Colaizzo – FMS School Store ($1,936.45)

This grant provides opportunities for job training for the students in the Life Skills and the Autistic classes at the Fisher Middle School.  By working in the school store, students are able to interact with peers while enhancing their prevocational skills.  S.O.A.R. bucks will be used as a reward system as part of the Positive Behavior Supports program.

Samuel DeCavalcante  Art Teacher (Grades 6-8) ART/CERAMICS  ($2,257.95) 

Art is meant to been seen and shared with as many people as possible.  This grant will fund a display case at the Fisher school in order for the students to share their art with entire school.  The display case will be able hold art pieces of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional forms of art.  A variety of mediums can be safely displayed in the display case.   The display case will provide even more incentive for the students to strive for higher levels of confidence and creativity, knowing their art will be shared with everyone in the school.


The Fisher Band Program is coming into the 21st century.   Mr. Silipino requested and was awarded a laptop and document camera to enhance the practices and performances of the bands.  Using the camera and laptop during rehearsals and performances, negative practices may be analyzed and positive practices can be enhanced.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of the History of Jazz, by viewing historical performances and achieve an appreciation of jazz musicians.

Ewing High School

(1 grant totaling $1,500)

Ellen Davila   Where to park during PARCC?  The library goes mobile ($1,500.00)

Anyone from NJ knows that parking can be difficult in high density locations.  So where do you go to park yourself and do some research and pleasure reading at the high school?  The library.   This a problem at the high school, because the library is presently being used for PARRC Testing.

Ms. Ellen Davila has been awarded a grant to purchase a mobile/book cart, book truck/cart and library incentives along with additional copies for the more popular books currently taken out by students.  The cart will be used in the classrooms.  Both the EHS students and teachers will be provided with additional copies of the popular novels geared to both high and low level readers.