Dear Applicant,

Congratulations on the success of your high school career and your decision to pursue higher education!

The Ewing Public Education Foundation provides grants to The Ewing Public school district for innovative educational programs through tax free funding. The grants recognize and meet the need for educational opportunities in the creativity of our teachers, educators and administrators.

The Ewing Public Education Foundation formally and proudly announces its 2015 EPEF Wayne Staub Presidential Scholarship ($750.00) and the 2015 EPEF Leadership Scholarship ($500.00). Each will be awarded to one Ewing High school graduating senior preparing to enter an accredited college or university. Required criteria and documents are as follows:

  1. Applied or applying to a college or university
  2. A student whom has shown academic improvement (submit transcript copy)
  3. 0 GPA minimum
  4. Involvement in student extracurricular activity or activities
  5. Community Volunteerism
  6. Provide a written essay to the following: “During one’s high school career, a student may experience challenges and struggles to his/her academic success. What struggles did you experienced to your academic success and what steps did you take to overcome those challenges?” NOTE: Submit your essay with your application to the counselor in a sealed envelope for confidentiality.
  7. Your resume (optional) may be included with your application and essay

Each submitted application will be considered for the Wayne Staub Presidential Scholarship and the Leadership Scholarship award. EPEF board members will review each scholarship application and select the awardees!

Good luck!

Karl J. Clark

Karl J. Clark, Vice President
EPEF Scholarship Committee Chair

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