Good morning, most beautiful EPEF souls!

I wanted to reach out and again thank you for a most inspirational, educational evening of laughter, and good cheer! How nice to be among so many people dedicated to raising up our children. It is interesting how much you realize you need to be around positivity once you are around positivity! It was beautiful seeing you all together enjoying each other and sharing such joy and pride with all that you do! You should be so proud and so full of joy You are helping miracles happen in some of these children! I see it with my own eyes!

I am truly humbled to have received this grant, and I do not take this support for granted! YOU make all things possible in the world of these students! YOU show the students that people care! YOU are a reason they believe in the world around them! YOU make ALL the difference! Bless you! Thank you, thank you, all of you!!

Tracy Radler
Lore School
Physical Education Teacher