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Focus on Ewing High School

This academic year, the Ewing Public Education Foundation (EPEF) provided more than $38,000 in grants for the Ewing public school system; with $4,799 going to Ewing High School. The students of Ewing High School will receive a $1,500 grant towards the Media Center thanks to the efforts of Ewing High School Librarian Ellen Davila. Seeking to engage students of all reading levels, Ms. Davila recognizes the value in using graphic novels for educational purposes. These graphic novels teem with visualizations, presenting their information in a comic-like flow to attract and maintain students’ attention. The graphic novels will be consistent with Common Core principles and provide a presentation style students may relate to more easily than traditional textbook formats. Use of these materials is designed to encourage increased reading activity, and enhance comprehension so that they can improve their literacy levels.

Another grant that went to the high school was awarded to physical education teachers and coaches Matt Dalessio, Mike Reynolds, and David Sheffel, providing $2,799 as part of the funding for a Total Body Resistance Exercise Training System. Individuals use the system, which allows them to use their own body weight in a variety of ways and at varying levels of difficulty. Through regular use, students are able to gain strength, stamina and endurance, regardless of their current state of fitness.

Another grant, “Taking It to the Streets: Urban Literature for the Young Adult Reader,” provided an additional $1,000 to the Ewing High School Media Center. Librarian Ellen Davila has identified books in the Urban Literature, a genre which is popular among teenagers. By providing selected books geared to all levels of readers, the program is designed to foster communication among students and teachers to improve their reading skills and foster greater literacy, especially among high school males, further engaging them through the development of creative displays and programs. The books will be carefully selected to conform to academic standards and values. In addition to the purchase of the materials, the grant provides for several library programs to promote the new novels and teach about topics relevant to the genre.

Italian teacher Lou Thomas received a $1,000 grant providing the opportunity for students to participate in the Italian Language and Cultural Competition sponsored by the Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America at Montclair State University. This friendly competition enabled Italian Honor Students to engage in a linguistic skills presentation and to experience authentic Italian dialogue, music, and culture.

The Ewing Public Education Foundation is celebrating 20 years of giving to the students of the Ewing Public Schools. The Ewing Public Education Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit citizens’ organization whose mission is to build community support and acquire supplementary resources for innovative educational programs, experiences and technology that enhance teaching and learning. Additionally, EPEF awards scholarships to graduating Ewing High seniors.

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